Bosphorus cruise

Bosphorus Cruise – Galata Tower

Bosphorus cruise

A Bosphorus cruise offers some of the most spectacular views of Istanbul. During the Bosphorus tour you will have best views on both the Asian and European side of Istanbul, several Ottoman palaces (including Dolmabahçe Palace), the two famous bridges connecting the continents and many beautiful waterfront villas. These villas are actually referred to as ‘Yalı‘ in Turkish and were built by generations of Ottoman families and Sultans.

Istanbul Debiz Otobüsleri (IDO) / Şehir Hatları  are Istanbul’s official sea ferry’s. They offer three Bosphorus tours: Short Cycle Bosphoris Cruise, Full Bosphorus Cruise and Full Bosphorus by Night.

Bosphorus cruise

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Short Circle Bosphorus Cruise (Kısa Boğaz Turu)

This tour is available every day during summer (April 1st until October 31st). The cruise will take you from Eminönü to Istinye (past second bridge) and back. The ferry leaves the Eminönü docks at 14:30, makes a stop at Ortaköy around 14:50 to pick up more people, and then continues its two hour non-stop tour. The price per person is 10 TL. For the latest updates, check the official timetable.

Full Bosphorus Cruise (Uzun Boğaz Turu)

The Full Bosphorus Tour will take you from Eminönü all the way to the Black Sea, and back. Each way takes about 90 minutes since the ferry makes 5 short stops to let people on and off. You can get off the ferry in Anadolu Kavağı, the last harbor before the Black Sea to sit down for a late lunch. The ferry does a few complete tours a day (for 25 TL per person). Check the official schedule with the latest timetables.

Bosphorus Cruise - Connection Europa & Azie

Bosphorus Cruise – Sunset

Exactly the same tour as the Full Bosphorus Tour but done at night. The ferry leaves before dusk providing great Istanbul sunset views.  In Anadolu Kavağı the tour stops for a bit over two hours so people can enjoy dinner in the fish restaurants at the shore. Around 22:30 the ferry departs again for a moonlight cruise on the Bosphorus. Unfortunately, the Full Bosphorus Tour by Night is only available on Saturdays in July and August (for 20 TL per person).

The IDO/ Şehir Hatları Bosphorus lines sales offices are located on the right docks of Eminönü when coming off the Galata Bridge.

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