Kartalkaya ski and snowboard resort is just a 4 hour drive from Istanbul and so definitely worth a weekend or day trip. Not a very adventurous area for experienced skiers but if you enjoy being on the slopes for a day or two this is a great city escape. Slopes are open between December and March.

Getting to Kartalkaya

Driving to Kartalkaya

Driving to Kartalkaya

Getting to Kartalkaya by car: The main part of the trip between Istanbul and Kartalkaya is over one single motorway so pretty straight forward. However, the last part driving up the mountain can be a bit tricky because of the snow. Throughout this route there are groups of men sitting on the side of the road trying to either sell or rent by-passers car snow chains. We thought we would not need them but ended up having to rent them anyway and probably paid more than we should have. Our tip would therefor be to always take your own car snow chains with you when driving here. This way you would only pay for them putting the chains on your wheels and give you some more negotiating power.


Skiing in Kartalkaya

When arriving in Kartalkaya you will have to chose if you want to ski the slopes of Grand Kartal Otel or Dorukkaya hotel. Unfortunately there is no link between the two ski areas because they have separate owners. We found both areas to be very similar; same amount of  lifts, similar prices, easy slopes (great for skiing for children) and on-piste restaurants where you can enjoy some sun.

Dorukkaya hotel: Total of 8 ski-lifts, 11 ski tracks and a professional snowpark.

Grand Kartal Otel: Total of 11 lifts: 2 chair lifts, 6 teleski’s and 3 baby lifts

Kartalkaya Ski Resort - Dorukkaya hotel

Kartalkaya Ski Resort – Dorukkaya hotel

Kartalkaya Ski Resort - Grand Kartal Otel

Kartalkaya Ski Resort – Grand Kartal Otel

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