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Mobile in Turkey

Have you recently moved to Turkey? Bought a new Turkish SIM card and a new Turkish number? You have been more than 2 weeks in Turkey with your mobile phone and wondering why it does not work anymore? That is because you haven’t paid the tax over your mobile phone in order to use it in Turkey. Now I know you think why should I pay tax? It is my phone and I bought it with tax in my own home country. Unfortunately this is the case in Turkey. In this post we explain what you need to do to use your mobile in Turkey.

So when you enter Turkey with your mobile phone and put a Turkish SIM card into the phone it will stop working after 14 days. If you are in Istanbul you can go to any of the tax offices in the city which are called “Vergi Dairesi” in Turkey. If you live in the European side near Beşiktas or Şişli like Maslak, Etiler, Bebek or Levent area, you can go to Beşiktaş Vergi Dairesi. You can find all the tax offices nearby there locations in the map here below.

You have only 28 days after you entered Turkey to register your mobile phone in Turkey. You can see the date of entry on the stamp in your passport when you entered Turkey. So bring your passport with this stamp with your because you will need it. When you are at the tax office, you will need to fill in a form. In this form you need to provide your IMEI number of your phone. So do know where to find it. After you have paid 115 TL you get a piece of paper which is your prove of having paid taxes for your mobile phone in order to use it in Turkey. The next step is to go to any mobile operator shop like a Vodafone, Turkcell or AVEA. They can unlock the phone for 25 TL. Again, do not forget that you can only do this after 28 days you have entered Turkey. You have to show your passport with stamp.

You can also apply online Central Equipment Identify Register (CEIR) but we have no experience ourselves with this system. At CEIR, you can check your mobile phone’s status with your IMEI number.

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